Andrew Brenton Business Security & Risk Specialist

Andrew Brenton Business Security & Risk Specialist

‘87 – ‘94; focused on IBM system support finishing as Group Tech Support Manager for Northern Foods.

’95 – ’98; freelance consultant in Banking sector mainly involved in secure data transfer and processing projects.

’98 – 2001; Specialised in running Millennium projects across the Manufacturing, Banking, Finance and Petrochemical sectors. These led into delivery of Disaster Recovery and High Availability Systems projects over the following few years.

The past 15 years; All of the previous projects involved the rigours of IT Standards and Governance, and during this time I specialised in advising companies on the general and industry-specific Governance requirements and how to implement compliance processes.

This means I am involved with the ISO27001, ISO22301, GDPR, BS10012, DPA, PECR and PCI-DSS standards and how they should be implemented to create safe, compliant organisations.

In the current GDPR context this means having the ability to not only understand the new legislation, but having wide enough background of experience to be able to create simple solutions, that are robust and cost effective.

It also means that I am quite happy to run a quick evaluation of your likely challenges as a first step, so you have an idea of what you need to think about to become GDPR compliant.

My experience so far is that this is not a project to leave until the last minute, especially if you don’t yet know what the milestones are.

You can email – Andrew [at] replacing the [at] with the @ symbol and removing any spaces.

You can call or text me on 07772 933767, please remember to give your number to call you back on if you leave a message.